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No Word for Science

I’ve been listening to Osage language tapes since I returned from Greyhorse this summer.

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A Time to Eat

My parents never turned away a guest at the table, and it was poor manners indeed to eat in front of someone without offering them a bite.

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Mother’s Thanksgiving

My mother grew up in a time when food was scarce and our Thanksgiving meals reflected semblances of her youth growing up in the South, mixed with the bounty of canned and frozen foods of the Fifties and Sixties.

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Getting it right

I was listening to a local public radio show about Thanksgiving, and folks were invited to phone in and chat about Thanksgiving memories.

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Community Values

I’m in a muddle this week pondering over community and individual values.

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Sticking to it

I heard a feature story on the radio that part of the success of the conservative candidates recently has been their ability to keep on message. No matter what.

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Yesterday I talked about writing tips for college papers.

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I returned papers to students yesterday and decided to give them some writing tips.

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Last night I saw a Portland screening of the film, Play Again, which examines kids and “screentime,” that is, how kids spend time with television, video games, cell phones and computers.

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Pluralism and Politics

As I write today’s blog the state of Oregon is still counting ballots for the governor’s race and the candidates are running neck-and-neck in the metaphorical horse race.

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