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The Boycott Bandwagon

When Bruce Refuses We Listen In refusing to perform a concert in Durham, Bruce Springsteen is using age-old techniques to hit where it hurts: in the pocketbook. When news that North Carolina legislators approved a law that enables discrimination of … Continue reading

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Pain and the Perfect Storm

A perfect storm has been brewing across the United States—and in Oregon, in particular—and most of us haven’t even noticed. Turns out managing pain on a daily basis is killing us. Literally. What’s noteworthy about the pain management crisis is … Continue reading

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It’s not about science: it’s about control

Give her the shot Once again childhood vaccines are at the news forefront. Seems that one of the presidential hopefuls thinks vaccines cause autism. I viewed this week’s debate through the periscope of the internet. Here’s what I learned: Donald … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Diet Hoax

First do no harm There’s something creepy if you have to lie to get what you want. So it bothers me when someone gets trapped into doing something she might not do without a nudge. For example, Portland took the … Continue reading

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Name your demon

I heard a comic declare, “no good story ever began with the phrase I was eating a salad.” My story begins in the bathroom, not at the dinner table. I was lounging in a hot bath and catching up on … Continue reading

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Wait: There’s jewelry?

My lung disease has a luscious nickname of Lady Windermere’s Syndrome, thanks to folks who snatched the character from an Oscar Wilde play. And the syndrome even has its own website. This is the first time I’ve ventured onto the … Continue reading

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Rolling through time

Typically we think of time as passing us by. We are standing still while time whizzes past. Imagine standing still on a city corner while the cars and pedestrians, perambulators and bicycles roll by. Makes me feel stuck. But what … Continue reading

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