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We love Familiarity

A mild tempest sizzled recently over the Muppets. Seems that Courtney Love objected to the Muppets’ rendition of a Nirvana song. The teapot tempest brewed in the circles of MTV and social media attenders: but you have to look hard … Continue reading

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We are a University, not a Bathhouse

Her genius made Albert Einstein sit up and take notice, and he called her approach creative and significant. Amalie Noether’s theorem revolutionized mathematics, according to a story by Natalie Angier this week in The New York Times. Angier writes that … Continue reading

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Enter Tonto

Social media are all a-twitter over the casting of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the reimagined film, The Lone Ranger, set for release next year. And my pals aren’t sure how to respond: it’s easy to make fun of blue-eyed … Continue reading

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Jonesing for Leftovers

My pooch was jonesing for leftovers this morning, hoping for a bite of muesli or a lick of almond milk. I realize he was just being a mutt, fulfilling his animal nature to be noticed, front and center. For my … Continue reading

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On Solitude

One of my closest pals is fine with her solitude. She has eschewed intimacy, choosing instead the freedom that comes with being alone. I have lived with that model myself, trying to find comfort in living a solitary life while … Continue reading

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On Writing and Intimacy

Writing a blog is a bit confusing. It’s sort of a cross between keeping a private journal—a memoir—yet knowing that someone else will be reading your intimate thoughts. That makes my journey toward authenticity somewhat muddled.

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Sex Acts and Censorship

The Oregonian’s decision to demure over carrying the Doonesbury strip on its printed pages this week took another turn when the newspaper revealed it reported a lie over the details of Bob Caldwell’s death. Caldwell, an editor with the newspaper, … Continue reading

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Don’t Duck Doonesbury

Leaving town for a week proved joyful. Traveling helps unbind the fetters of work and chores, forcing you outside the normal constraints of daily living. My honey and I spent a week in Istanbul and Antalya, visiting the bustling bazaars … Continue reading

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