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Time to Move the Pipeline

Today’s New York Times Editorial A major shift in news coverage occurred this summer as citizens gathered in North Dakota to protest construction of a 1,134-mile oil pipeline. And, for once, mainstream news media witnessed and reported on the events. … Continue reading

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Here’s a word to stitch into your vocabulary pocket. Manufactroversy. The word means a manufactured controversy. And what an elegant word to share with my propaganda, persuasion and framing students.

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Nit-picking Scientific American

Excited to crack open my first issue of Scientific American. My colleagues in the science writing and science information fields have recommended the magazine to me. So, after receiving a bonus from the web-based superstore Amazon, I traded points for … Continue reading

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Women Catch up to Men

Finally. Women have caught up with men. Women and men share the same likelihood of dying from smoking. We’ve closed the gap. But the scary thing is the risk and the odds. Smoking will increase your risk of death by … Continue reading

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Organic vs. Conventional Food: No Difference

Media folks are buzzing this week over a Stanford study about the nutritional differences between organic and conventional foods. The study found almost no differences.

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Salmon and Sea Lions Face Off

Native Americans are keenly interested in science. Just ask an Indian fisherman. Here in the Pacific Northwest, tribal fishermen have been embroiled in a controversy over salmon. The most recent tempest has pitted salmon against encroaching sea lions, who feast … Continue reading

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The End of Science

Is it the end of science as we know it? You might get that impression if you read through the sheaf of articles following the discovery in July of the Higgs Boson. After learning Higgs Boson wasn’t a wayward sailor … Continue reading

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I am a Rock

In my field we think about the role of self-esteem and self-efficacy when it comes to behavior. How we think about whether we’re equipped to accomplish a task influences if we attempt something new. In the wake of New Year … Continue reading

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Should Science be Censored?

Few issues are more likely to raise gooseflesh than censorship—a concern shared by scientists and journalists alike. But when is it appropriate to withhold information? Who gets to decide what information is sequestered and from whom? A recent struggle has … Continue reading

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Censoring Science

When is it appropriate for scientists to withhold information to scientific communities? To lay communities? Such thorny questions brought folks into the arenas of scientific circles recently when the New York Times reported that two prominent publications, Science and Nature, … Continue reading

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