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The Invisibility of Being Native

A Conversation with Native Americans on Race No matter who you are, if you are Native American, your opinions and experiences are marginalized to the point of invisibility in American society and culture. That’s a quote from today’s New York … Continue reading

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Practice, practice, practice

A fistful of rocks Practice, practice, practice. I told my art teacher my new mantram is practice, practice, practice. He doesn’t know he is also my new Zen Roshi. I’m taking a watercolor class this summer–my first–and each painting is … Continue reading

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Propaganda’s Tree of Knowledge

Today’s Maxim: To be well dressed is a little like being in love I teach propaganda—and the truth is, the class teaches itself. Examples can be plucked like low-hanging cherries from the Propaganda Tree of Knowledge.

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Writing Postcards

  On a warm morning in Chicago, I’m walking around Logan Square—north of the city—looking for a blue postal box. I have a handful of postcards to send to friends. It’s getting harder to find postcards, perhaps because there’s less … Continue reading

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The Music Man, The Library & The Osage

What happens when you visit New Jersey I can’t get The Music Man songs out of my head. Posters for a community performance of the 1957 musical hang in store windows throughout the little berg where we’re vacationing. We walk … Continue reading

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