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Science vs anti-science

During her video-talk on how to present your research, the speaker divided audiences into anti-science and science folks. The talk was sponsored by a prestigious science academy so I expected more than a blunted view of lay audiences. Maybe that’s … Continue reading

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Growing tobacco, staying connected

I cannot tell you why I decided to grow tobacco. I cannot tell you because I don’t understand myself. Early spring a photo of a white trumpet flower caught my eye while rifling through seed packets at the garden shop.

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Tobacco as medicine

When I opened the envelope I found another envelope tucked inside, filled with tiny specks like dark grains of sand. They were carefully bundled in cellophane because one gust would cast them to the wind. I opened the packet and … Continue reading

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Who will be the watchdog?

My guilty pleasure is rejoicing in investigative journalism. What a pity the pleasure isn’t the venerable New York Times or 60 Minutes. It’s Newsroom: a scripted, created—invented–story of journalism that airs on cable but I have to wait until it … Continue reading

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