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Taking Steps to Recognize Indigenous Peoples

Let’s Start with Names Seek-Seek-Qua by C. Coleman Emery When I returned home from a September camping trip, I opened my book (Night of the Living Rez) and found a plastic knife holding my place. I had used the knife … Continue reading

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What Will Kill You, and Who Cares?

Who Benefits?  Cui Bono? That’s the question posed by writer John Gresham’s lawyer-character when confronted with a mystery she can’t solve. She asks: Who benefits? That’s a key question I ask students in my Propaganda class to ponder when they … Continue reading

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Celebrating Native Humor

Countering the Stoic Indian  Artist Zig Jackson takes gentle digs at the intersections of cultural humor in Indian Country and urban America. A recent collection displayed at the Portland Art Museum showed an Indian in headdress (Jackson) poised against a … Continue reading

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Does Trump Coverage Matter?

Are you following national politics? Then I invite you to think about the news coverage of Donald Trump from 2 perspectives. First: think of your gut feelings. Second, think of the empirical evidence. Ready? Let’s begin. Trump receives a boatload … Continue reading

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Is there a doctor in the house?

National Native American History Month: Less than one percent First daughter broke through a chunk of the glass ceiling in November—a tribute to her passion and persistence—and an important event tucked in the shadow of National Native American History month. … Continue reading

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Pain and the Perfect Storm

A perfect storm has been brewing across the United States—and in Oregon, in particular—and most of us haven’t even noticed. Turns out managing pain on a daily basis is killing us. Literally. What’s noteworthy about the pain management crisis is … Continue reading

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Native American Heritage Month

How should we approach conflict? Ask Granny, my mother said, when I wanted to know what it was like growing up in the depression. In my family we turned to our elders when we had questions. So I wonder how … Continue reading

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Defying the Supreme Court

Ted Cruz Channels Andrew Jackson Although I don’t always agree with Supreme Court decisions I respect the authority of the country’s highest court. When Ted Cruz told NPR this week the court ruled incorrectly on marriage equality and national health … Continue reading

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Uncle Silverback

Uncles are important in my family. My mother had two brothers and my father had four, and uncles would hang out at our house, bringing doughnuts and helping with weekend chores. In the Osage language the word for father is … Continue reading

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Fitting the data to your theory  

In the 19th century scientists thought personality was a function of the brain’s landscape. Today psychologists scan images of the brain, looking for areas that map feelings and sensations, trying to draw linkages between thoughts with the physicality of the … Continue reading

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