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Sounds deadly

I can see the scenario unfold: The desk sergeant asks the officer what happened. “Granola. Crunchy granola,” the officer states. Seems a couple had a fight and the husband was stabbed with a spoon. The wife couldn’t take it anymore. … Continue reading

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Think critically

When a politician recently ranted that universities shouldn’t be concerned with truth but rather serving the workforce, critics sharpened their pencils. The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, wants to gut support by 13% and refashion higher education’s mission in his … Continue reading


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I didn’t grow up in your country

Sometimes my college students need to set me straight about schooling in North America. I didn’t grow up in your country, I confess. Students scratch their heads: how can you be part American Indian and be from somewhere else?

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Journalistic Schadenfreude

As news broke in February when NBC anchor Brian Williams got caught in a reporting fib, journalists and critics rushed to pass judgment. The New York Times, for example, packed the newspaper with stories and editorials that carved a wide … Continue reading

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Super Bowl relarity

You have to keep your sense of humor when it comes to mass media. As scholars we take media seriously but the Möbius folds of our reality—what Jean Baudrillard correctly called hyperreality—illustrate how messages, agendas, persuasion and propaganda get tucked … Continue reading

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When individual choice causes harm

Vaccine lunacy is the way Frank Bruni described a recent outbreak of measles in California: why? Parents decided to withhold vaccinations from their children. Children are taken ill with a disease that was once wiped from our memories–a disease that … Continue reading

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