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Landmark Case

This month’s Osage newspaper leads with a story of the Cobell case, a landmark decision that impacts all tribes ethically and some tribes financially.

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I was thinking about trust the other day when talking about values with someone interested in moving to Portland and joining our staff. We agreed that values are linked to trust.

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Where Are You From?

One of my mentors, Jack McLeod at the University of Wisconsin, told a crew of new doctoral students to dig deep into theory and understand its roots.

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Home-Made Candles

My sister Mary told me what she wants from Santa is to spend time with her kids, so she asked them for creative ways to do stuff together.

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That will be $2.99

I keep a small fish tank in my office, which can be a conversation piece for students and staff who come to chat.

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Dumb Rules

Kevin Gover, head of the National Museum of the American Indian, was addressing staff members at the museum over the summer and remarked that he likes rules.

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It Tastes Better in the Right Bowl

The Osages drank beverages from a cup without handles, essentially making it a bowl.

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Wah Kee Lah

I love listening to the Osage language tapes.

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