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When is a person not a person?

  There’s a Buddhist story where the sage tells her pupils about a master craftsman who creates artisan carriages. She describes the carriages in detail, from the quality of the polished wood to the smoothness of the wheels. But what … Continue reading

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Crazy Horse’s Law

Maybe we should call it Crazy Horse’s Law. Mainstream North American culture brings some truths that we all acknowledge but rarely question. Take Murphy’s Law. The suspicious part of our shared-American cultural nature presumes that no matter how much we … Continue reading

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Take Viagra with your politics

How fitting. Today’s breaking news story about a clutch of Republicans who defied reason and protocol by sending a letter to Iran’s leaders without Congress, the Senate, or the President’s sanction is accompanied by an ad for Viagra. When I … Continue reading

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Beware the sales pitch

We can learn a lot from used-car sales folks. Noted psychologist Robert Cialdini urges his students to study the techniques used that entice you to buy. Go to a used-car lot and see how the seller pitches the product, Cialdini … Continue reading

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Be careful when you grab the gold

There’s a lot of eye-rolling when you teach theory to college students. I get it. Students want to discover the practical matters of communication. Business. Success. I assure them they’ll thank me later. Eyes roll. Recently I heard from a … Continue reading

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