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Show your pits

You gotta hand it to Dove. The beauty behemoth is launching a new campaign aimed at the armpit. And what better place for lift-off than the Motherland. New Jersey.

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Did I sell my soul?

Did I sell my soul? Each month a maid service spends two hours cleaning our house. This frees us from vacuuming, wiping, swiping, dusting and sweeping, and puts some cash into workers’ pockets.

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Skip the mammogram? Not so fast

A study just published found no difference in deaths among women who had an annual mammogram and women who had none over 5 years, from 1980 to 1985, in Canada. Problem is, some women may think they should now skip … Continue reading

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Just another addict

About a year ago a smart and cheeky piece on addiction changed my perspective. The last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday, wrote Russell Brand in 2013. Sober and drug-clean for a decade, Brand talks with self-deprecating humor … Continue reading

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By the Numbers

It’s all in the numbers. Let’s say you want to conduct a national survey of American voters and you want to make sure that you’ve heard from minority groups. National pollsters who interview voters will survey about 1200 people. That’s … Continue reading

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