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Salmon Bake Controversy

Each May the Native students at our university host a salmon bake, inviting the campus community to an outdoor feast in celebration of the return of the salmon. The event is intended to embrace the community: to build bridges rather … Continue reading

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Indian Dreams

I held tight to a dream this morning to assess it: figure out what it means. I found myself at a gathering of Indian women, having climbed up winding stairs to a room where they had gathered and were getting … Continue reading

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Like Kernels of Corn

If you google Native Science chances are you will land on the name Gregory Cajete, one of the foremost scholars who teaches and writes about indigenous ways-of-knowing. Cajete talked to an audience at our university this week and illuminated how … Continue reading

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Spirits in the Cave

I dragged my pal Bob to a packed theatre to see the new documentary about caves in France that reveal stories of ancestors from 32,000 years ago. Werner Herzog’s new film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, explores the pristine Chauvet Cave, … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man Exterminated

Folks who study mass media and popular culture can’t help but consider the absurdity of how we interpret phenomena, often through the lens of media. Some theorists call this intertextuality–when one representation stands for another. An example is one of … Continue reading

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My grandmother practically ran rather than walked when she moved her 5-foot frame: anxious to get to the next place. She seemed smaller than she was, because, as a youngster raised on the Osage Indian reserve, she contracted tuberculosis.

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Take it Back

Today National Public Radio ran a story featuring Harlyn Geronimo, descendant of the Chiricahua leader Geronimo, asking US officials to “apologize for the military’s use of the codename Geronimo during the raid that ended with al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s … Continue reading

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