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Listen to healing

I listened to the medicine men talk about the power of self-persuasion. They agreed that focusing on bad health can sometimes lead to bad health. Your attitude can make a difference and you can set yourself up to indulge in … Continue reading

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OK: Hokahey

The most prominent misunderstanding about native people living in North America is that we are all the same. Truth is, life at Rosebud is different from life at Gallup. We visited relatives in June in South Dakota, where we attended … Continue reading

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Advising the Class of 2013

My advice to the Class of 2013 would go something like this: Be nimble. Life throws you curves and the measure of a person is how she maneuvers the curves. On Sunday I packed my graduation regalia into my bicycle … Continue reading

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May your gander be proper

My propaganda students presented final projects in class yesterday, showing how propaganda can be subtle or overt. And always present. Students sliced through the veneer of million dollar campaigns that convince you to drink milk, vote Republican, quit smoking and … Continue reading

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Curb that Testosterone

My hypothesis is that biking builds testosterone. Or is it watching killers on TV? One indication is the jerky behavior of the blokes who pass without warning. I reckon one false move and we’d crash.

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Media Research: Think Again

We may need to re-think how media affect our attitudes and behavior. The foundation for media theories assumes people use information in predictable ways: we watch television during prime time and search the web to learn how to bake a … Continue reading

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Media Bugs

If you study the history of broadcast media effects you’ll find lay publics over-estimate the impact of new technology. Viewers once thought: Film talkies would forever change democracy. Telephones would invade privacy.

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