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Ginsburg’s got guts

Just finished reading a wrap-up of news in a magazine that offers a passel of newsworthy stories in tightly written packages from many corners. You get to hear folks ranging from CBS anchors to Slate pundits nattering about events following … Continue reading

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The gift of world travel

Tear down the wall Once, while eating supper at a restaurant in Germany, I over-heard an American visitor complain the menu was in German only: she wanted to see it in English. How ironic to discover that nowadays menus in … Continue reading

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Reliving the past

London of the sixties You can’t help but visit London today and recall the 1960s: a bright and light musical kaleidoscope. While I embrace London’s extraordinary changes–terrific food, good coffee, French pastries and an international human glow–the music scene of … Continue reading


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Native science & rhetoric

An elder once told me, “Traditional knowledge is thousands of years of applied science.” Those words came from one of the speakers at the Indigenous Environments conference I was fortunate to attend this week in Norwich, England. She points out … Continue reading

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 Sari Saga

I was excited when Olivia telephoned to say I needed to be outfitted for an Indian sari and she wanted my measurements right away. Olivia’s future mother-in-law was already en route to the seamstress so we couldn’t delay. Silk fabric … Continue reading

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