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When I walk into my office I smell sage. It smells like home. My cousin gave me a sage garland to place in the house, a memory of my time at the Sundance. I take the garland into my office … Continue reading

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Mixed Bloods

My Lakota relatives John and his brother Ben Artichoker grew up with their family in a modest home at Stinking Water Creek at the Pine Ridge Reservation, where they were considered “mixed-bloods.” John says they didn’t have much money and … Continue reading

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On the Rez

John Artichoker opens the door, welcoming us to Rapid City. The flights from Portland were uneventful, and my daughter Wee-Hey and I are excited to spend time with our Lakota relatives, travel to the Pine Ridge reservation, and witness Sundance. … Continue reading

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Can You Prove You’re Indian?

>My editors want me to add a chapter to my book on the topic of American Indian identity. Identity holds loads of currency. Seems folks find identity resonant. But imagine writing a chapter on, say African American identity, or how … Continue reading

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What do Folks Think about Indian Issues?

We wanted to know how people feel about Indian issues in the Pacific Northwest and recently discovered that opinions are mixed. In fact, opinions are pretty lumpy. Take, for example, the issue of sea lions at the Columbia River.

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My Mother’s Bike

Portland is a bicyclist’s town. Take my daughter, Wee-hey. She bikes to work with the countless denizens who choose this method of transport. Wee-hey pedals my mother’s ancient bike from Sears.

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Naming as Power

Auntie told me a story while I was in Oklahoma. The Osage gather each June for the dances in the Grayhorse, Hominy and Pawhuska districts. My aunt and her daughter open their homes to relatives and friends, serving a bounty … Continue reading

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Indian Authenticity

The timing was perfect. I finished presenting a paper at an academic conference in Phoenix on authenticity, specifically the media portrayal of the ancient skeleton Kennewick man. And then authenticity hit the fan. I was surrounded by stories of Indian … Continue reading

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