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The Magician’s sleight of hand

Media Politics  Are you perplexed by political media coverage? I am–and I’m supposed to be an expert. In the 1970s I fell in love with writing, journalism and politics–thunderstruck by the power of the press after seeing images of gunned-down … Continue reading

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If the Buffalo is the National Mammal, is Biological Warfare the National Military Strategy?

Originally posted on Memories of the People:
In an all-too-common example of revisionist history, NPR’s story of the bison becoming the “National Mammal” recounted the near-extinction of the species during American expansion while completely failing to mention that the buffalo slaughter was a deliberate…

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Irony Attack

A full-throttle example of irony begins with a drive to visit relatives south of Portland on a beautiful spring day. We sit and chat inside, so it is odd indeed that by twilight I discover my arms and hands have … Continue reading

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The Day Julia Joined the Osage

My uncle sat in the front seat while I drove his car, pointing out the sights on our drive to Pine Ridge—there’s Russell Means’ house, there’s the Agency, there’s Big Bat’s store. We parked the car and John, my daughter … Continue reading

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My mother: the cop

An enduring memory of my mother was her sheer authority. She literally packed a pistol. As a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles County, she carried a purse that had a built-in holster for her gun. One day, she clearly and … Continue reading

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And that’s 30

  For Karl Popper I take refuge In the search for truth But what is truth? Is it knowledge? Is it possessing knowledge? Rather, It’s the quest for truth That defines us Poem 29   Spring A riot of words … Continue reading

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Nearly There

Sunday Haiku Sunday’s denouement Flatlines the weekend Yet again Poem 26 Friendship We have been friends For years and years We pick up where we left off No matter The space in between No matter the spouse in between   … Continue reading

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