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Writing: It’s Never Done

The smartest thing I ever did was hire an editor to help me with my book. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I write and rewrite and then write again. It used to drive my editor crazy at the newspaper. … Continue reading

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Exterminating Indian Identity

Soon I will be bound for Phoenix to present a paper on American Indian identity and authenticity: a topic of keen interest. Critics often complain about Indian stereotypes, ranging from the issues surrounding sports mascots to non-Indians playing Native roles … Continue reading

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Indian Mascots on the Agenda

Oregon media are twitterpatted over the school mascot issue. Really? Too much hand-wringing, too late. Naming school sports teams Redskins, Indians, Braves and Chiefs has long been on the radar of American Indian activists: hardly a new issue. But in … Continue reading

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John Sayles Sighting

My trip to New York included a John Sayles sighting. And it’s not the first one. Sayles, who is among cinema’s most thoughtful filmmakers, came to Portland last year to talk about his book, A Moment in the Sun, set … Continue reading

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New York City

Made my first trip to New York City last weekend. How is it possible for someone with Ithaca bragging rights to avoid the Big City? My only excuse is that I was focused on academics and the kids were little … Continue reading

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