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Bear People

A recent radio story talked about how a man approached a wild bear because he wanted take a photo with him and the bear.

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Primed to Kvetch

One of our graduate students wrote a crisp and tidy thesis about the effects of photography on sympathy and we’re just about ready send off her findings for review.

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Indian Logos

Conflicts over Indian mascots have been roiling over the past few days as the University of North Dakota decided to ditch the Fighting Sioux logomark. New stories frame the issue as the University buckling under pressure from the NCAA–which oversees … Continue reading

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The Accidental Gardener

I marvel at the ripening tomatoes straining under the weight of a heavy bough in my backyard, testament that benign neglect is often the best choice.

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Laughter as Cure

When I took improv classes at the Brody Theatre in Portland it didn’t make me funnier but it did make me smarter.

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Confused Chicken

My neighbor’s chicken has a case of gender confusion and awoke at 6:30 this morning rehearsing her crow. Seems she is taking on some rooster characteristics in her bid to lead a coop d’état.

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The Sum of the Parts

Thinking about research my light bulb moment came when I learned that families, communities, organizations and structures have a greater influence on us than individuals, and that, when it comes to individual attributes, we often silence ourselves for the sake … Continue reading

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