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Anderson Cooper: 29 across

Combing the web earlier this week I was looking for squibs on Anderson Cooper. Cooper enlivened crowds in Portland, talking shop on news and reporting. My job was to introduce him to students and faculty for an informal question-and-answer session.

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And one for Wakonta

You just can’t find good coffee outside Portland. That’s a fib. We found tasty java in New York. But Istanbul? Paris? Rapid City?

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Java tales

Returning to Portland after a jaunt to the East Coast put coffee in perspective. Our hunt for New Jersey java focused our activities. Each morning we watched as the beach denizens, robed in shorts and sweatshirts, bellied up to the … Continue reading

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Coffee by the tats

Portlanders are a bunch of spoiled brats. The city boasts a bounty of delicious java and we expect the best. Travel presents an opportunity for caffeine adventure and we scout out coffee shops when we journey.

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