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When Resolution Meets Revolution

JUST OPEN A CAN I miss the days when we made garlands with strips of colored paper folded into rings and glued together for the Christmas tree. In winter we would crack nuts that arrived with their shells intact. My … Continue reading

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Native American Heritage Month

NOVEMBER 2022 HONORING ANCESTORS Pictured: My great-grandmother, Eva Agnes Herridge, and her older sister, Mary. Photograph taken around the early 1890s by P.A. Miller. Agnes was born in South Dakota and settled in Oklahoma–in Stillwater and Fairfax (one of the … Continue reading


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Rubber-band Relationships

More Little Theories What do rubber-bands, relationships and dishwashers have in common? Today I offer another Little Theory: this one about rubber-bands, which proves an apt metaphor for human relationships and household appliances. What comes to mind when I mention … Continue reading

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Celebrating Native Humor

Countering the Stoic Indian  Artist Zig Jackson takes gentle digs at the intersections of cultural humor in Indian Country and urban America. A recent collection displayed at the Portland Art Museum showed an Indian in headdress (Jackson) poised against a … Continue reading

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What is your American dream?

Our local public broadcasting service is asking folks to share their vision of the American Dream. They ask: What is your American Dream? How have your experiences shaped and changed your concept of the American Dream? How, if it all, … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man’s back in the news

But it’s the same old story A science writer called me with a head’s up. The Journal Nature was ready to release news that scientists would soon announce the 9200-year-old skeleton from the Pacific Northwest was indeed related to modern-day … Continue reading

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When images harm

The Mascot Ruling in Oregon One lesson I’m learning is that conflict requires you to get inside the head of your opponent. And while this perspective presumes you’re wearing battle fatigues, the point is to understand someone else’s viewpoint in … Continue reading

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Dog. Opossum. Raccoon. Armadillo. We counted roadkill on the Oklahoma roads. An armadillo lay belly-up, with only the curve of its shell terra-bound. As we passed the armadillo a bald eagle circled ahead, making slow moons above the armored animal … Continue reading

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Java tales

Returning to Portland after a jaunt to the East Coast put coffee in perspective. Our hunt for New Jersey java focused our activities. Each morning we watched as the beach denizens, robed in shorts and sweatshirts, bellied up to the … Continue reading

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