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Taking Steps to Recognize Indigenous Peoples

Let’s Start with Names Seek-Seek-Qua by C. Coleman Emery When I returned home from a September camping trip, I opened my book (Night of the Living Rez) and found a plastic knife holding my place. I had used the knife … Continue reading

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Cicada Invasion Vacation

We found terrific coffee within walking distance of our temporary lodgings in Chicago this past week and the first few days greeted us with mid-70s (Fahrenheit) weather, clear skies and low humidity. Unlike Portland, which is often in the 60s … Continue reading

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Call Out the Lies

  Resist Time to call out the lies. You can still be gracious. But there’s no need to tolerate stupidity in the face of bigotry, misogyny and dishonesty. So: write, text, tweet, and follow the folks whose aim is to … Continue reading

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Casting Light on the Dark Side of Politics

How to Create Doubt Tonight marks the final formal debate between the two presidential candidates and I’m asking my students to consider the question: How do we create doubt? When you listen to the debate and hear arguments about “truths,” … Continue reading

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What is your American dream?

Our local public broadcasting service is asking folks to share their vision of the American Dream. They ask: What is your American Dream? How have your experiences shaped and changed your concept of the American Dream? How, if it all, … Continue reading

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High gloss won’t restore the sheen on the warty toad

POLITICAL NEWS: Part 3 (Earlier this week I wrote that the comb-over candidate’s spinmeisters are redoubling their efforts to curb the candidate’s runaway tongue by having him stick to a carefully scripted playbook. Today’s New York Times confirms the prediction. … Continue reading

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Ginsburg’s got guts

Just finished reading a wrap-up of news in a magazine that offers a passel of newsworthy stories in tightly written packages from many corners. You get to hear folks ranging from CBS anchors to Slate pundits nattering about events following … Continue reading

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When the Invisible becomes Visible

We found visible the invisible on our recent trip to Chicago. An exhibit of forgotten black-and-white images by photojournalist Gordon Parks is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago through August. Parks is famous for his shots of Black … Continue reading

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Romans, Countrymen & Graduates  

  It’s that time of year again. That time when graduation speeches and career advice flood Tweeterville and broadcast news. If you were queen of the universe, what would you say to the Class of 2016? Work hard? Follow your … Continue reading

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Irony Attack

A full-throttle example of irony begins with a drive to visit relatives south of Portland on a beautiful spring day. We sit and chat inside, so it is odd indeed that by twilight I discover my arms and hands have … Continue reading

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