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When Violence is Persuasive

I was glad to turn on the radio and hear Gabrielle Giffords has weighed in on the gun issue currently consuming news reports in North America. Giffords, a Democratic congresswoman, was shot in the head at close range on January … Continue reading

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Women Catch up to Men

Finally. Women have caught up with men. Women and men share the same likelihood of dying from smoking. We’ve closed the gap. But the scary thing is the risk and the odds. Smoking will increase your risk of death by … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Art or … ?

I husbanded a few hours Monday evening to steal some time gazing at television—via my computer—to catch up on politics. My heart soared when I learned the president decided to chuck moderation and steam-roll through some tough decisions. His staff … Continue reading

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Zen of Science

In class we talk about bias. I’ve spent more time talking about bias in classrooms than I did as a full-time writer and editor. As a working journalist, we never talked about bias—we just did our job of reporting. Fairly. … Continue reading

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