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Explaining Native Science

Spending stolen moments writing a research grant in Native Science is a little crazy-making. The grant is aimed at folks sequestered in the humanities. Problem is, I’m a social scientist.

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Judge Me Now

I read a chilling headline from the detritus clogging my inbox: An Associate Press story read: Mom Sentenced For Using Facebook As Son Drowned. Turns out that, according to the news, “A northern Colorado woman who was playing a game … Continue reading

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One Story at a Time

NMAI article winter 2010_11 Coleman Herman I advise my students when they are presenting their research to tell a story. In our inner-most hearts, what we crave is hearing a good tale. It’s not about discovery or novelty: it’s your … Continue reading

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Death by Duck

Spring is the time of year when students go a little crazy: they are trying to finish their studies, earn good grades and complete their major projects. This time of year I get emails from students who’ve been silent for … Continue reading

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Investigative Journalism Still Lives

Just when you think journalism is dead, a story comes along that breathes life back into the body politic. This American Life’s Ira Glass investigated a heart-breaking story about a judge in Georgia who has sequestered young folks for months … Continue reading

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Finding an Authentic Role Model

I shamefully revealed in the blog that growing out my gray hair is a feeble attempt at authenticity. There’s an inexplicable mashup of identity, informed by post-50 angst combined with new-found freedom of movement, infused with teachings from my Indian … Continue reading

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Radiate Me

Americans are frightened about radiation. And why not? The news is chock-full of reports about elevated levels of radiation in food and water. This week ABC news ran a report that scientists found “higher-than-normal levels of radioactive Iodine-131 in milk … Continue reading

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