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Just another day in Portlandia

On a recent bike ride to the university, one of my commuter streets was blocked to traffic. Cyclists were steered to the sidewalk while a road crew–looking like worker-bees in their yellow, orange and black vests–loped alongside trucks and trailers. … Continue reading


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Dash it all: communication skills needed badly

I’m boning up on what employers say they need from new workers. Turns out communication skills are high on the list. As a communication professor I want to share my findings with students to give them an edge in the … Continue reading

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And one for Wakonta

You just can’t find good coffee outside Portland. That’s a fib. We found tasty java in New York. But Istanbul? Paris? Rapid City?

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Who will be the watchdog?

My guilty pleasure is rejoicing in investigative journalism. What a pity the pleasure isn’t the venerable New York Times or 60 Minutes. It’s Newsroom: a scripted, created—invented–story of journalism that airs on cable but I have to wait until it … Continue reading

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Curb that Testosterone

My hypothesis is that biking builds testosterone. Or is it watching killers on TV? One indication is the jerky behavior of the blokes who pass without warning. I reckon one false move and we’d crash.

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