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Let me do that for you

Cognitive effort and auto-pilot Psychologists have long observed that muggles like us shift into auto-pilot to save cognitive effort. We’re all cognitive misers. But sometimes it’s a good idea to break habits. For example, I look for teaching moments throughout … Continue reading

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When the market meets science

Got a rare disease? Step to the back of the line if you’re poor Most of us understand a thread in the tapestry of how capitalism works: when folks demand something—such as cell phones—investors jump into the fray, markets open, … Continue reading

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It’s not about science: it’s about control

Give her the shot Once again childhood vaccines are at the news forefront. Seems that one of the presidential hopefuls thinks vaccines cause autism. I viewed this week’s debate through the periscope of the internet. Here’s what I learned: Donald … Continue reading

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Indian People’s Time

Visiting the reservation reminds me that I’m a poster child for the folks who tried to integrate Indians into the mainstream version of settler life—what Robert Warrior calls a Judeo-Christian viewpoint fueled by material capital. When I return to the … Continue reading

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Family Gathering This week some of my sisters and I returned to Oklahoma to take care of paperwork–always best done in person on the Rez–and visit relatives at Greyhorse cemetery. Our ancestors’ headstones stand side by side by side: Relatives … Continue reading

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