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Indian People’s Time

Visiting the reservation reminds me that I’m a poster child for the folks who tried to integrate Indians into the mainstream version of settler life—what Robert Warrior calls a Judeo-Christian viewpoint fueled by material capital. When I return to the … Continue reading

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Crazy Horse’s Law

Maybe we should call it Crazy Horse’s Law. Mainstream North American culture brings some truths that we all acknowledge but rarely question. Take Murphy’s Law. The suspicious part of our shared-American cultural nature presumes that no matter how much we … Continue reading

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Learning from Ferguson, Part II

Structural issues—poverty, education, advancement opportunities and health disparities—affect communities in significant ways. Some of the larger issues are being tackled right now, in part because of the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri. Fortunately some reporters, critics, pundits and politicians are paying … Continue reading

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McGillycuddy and Crazy Horse

Today—September 5—marks the day Crazy Horse was killed at Ft. Robinson by William Gentles in 1877. Writer Larry McMurtry says that a scuffle broke out while Crazy Horse was being led through the fort, with Little Big Man restraining Crazy … Continue reading

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