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What’s Memorable

Writing about how we choose brings to mind other research about decision-making. Not only do we take the choice that’s framed positively: we avoid risks except when it comes to our own sense of vulnerability.

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Good News, Bad News

The science writer for the Oregonian, Joe Rojas-Burke, wrote a story yesterday about framing and health, the focus of my research and writing.

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What Hat Would You Be?

If you were a hat, what hat would you be?

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Self-fulfilling Prophecies

We admonish students to take great care when they’re doing research to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies.

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Almost Random

A colleague told me yesterday that students know little about scientific methods when they enroll in her sophomore class. It’s not that they’re dumb: they lack a certain literacy about science. And they have little idea of what methods mean.

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Just Throw the Ball

Writer Adam Gopnik wrote a lovely thought about how a message is like a baseball: “The trouble with mental catch is that the ball you throw changes in mid-air into another.”

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells are important: primal, even. Anyone’s who has smelled an infant’s scalp knows this. My daughters smell like roses and ice cream.

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Busting Myths

I’m ready to make good on a promise. It all started in graduate school. My myths were busted my first term at Cornell when my professors destroyed our stereotypes of mass media influences.

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