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Casting Light on the Dark Side of Politics

How to Create Doubt Tonight marks the final formal debate between the two presidential candidates and I’m asking my students to consider the question: How do we create doubt? When you listen to the debate and hear arguments about “truths,” … Continue reading

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Entertainment’s Whitewash

But not so invisible  The crowd cheered when the speaker slammed the entertainment industry, charging that, when Americans tune into television, they see a “virtual whitewash in programming.” The timing was perfect: lack of diversity in entertainment programs was high … Continue reading

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When viewers panic

The FCC—the Federal Communications Commission—says it will fine media production companies $1.9 million dollars for airing a movie trailer last year for the film Olympus has Fallen. I just caught a news report announcing the FCC said the trailer broadcasts … Continue reading

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Being Tonto

Finally got up the nerve to see The Lone Ranger. The movie earned jibes from Indian Country and was slammed by the critics all summer. My Facebook pals panned the film so I figure I can’t critique it without viewing … Continue reading

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Who will be the watchdog?

My guilty pleasure is rejoicing in investigative journalism. What a pity the pleasure isn’t the venerable New York Times or 60 Minutes. It’s Newsroom: a scripted, created—invented–story of journalism that airs on cable but I have to wait until it … Continue reading

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May your gander be proper

My propaganda students presented final projects in class yesterday, showing how propaganda can be subtle or overt. And always present. Students sliced through the veneer of million dollar campaigns that convince you to drink milk, vote Republican, quit smoking and … Continue reading

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Media Research: Think Again

We may need to re-think how media affect our attitudes and behavior. The foundation for media theories assumes people use information in predictable ways: we watch television during prime time and search the web to learn how to bake a … Continue reading

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