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Professor and researcher at Portland State University who studies science communication, particularly issues that impact American Indians. She is enrolled with the Osage tribe.

American Owned

Code for Whites Only Somewhere between here and Gallup is a Raffi musical tape by the road, thrown overboard after too many renditions of Baby Beluga. During my graduate school years we travelled across the USA by car, loaded with … Continue reading

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Want loyalty? Get a dog

Imagine there’s been a shake-up at your job and you’ve inherited a new boss. Let’s say your job is one where you advise the boss on communication matters: everything from relationships with your consumer publics, to relationships with the mass … Continue reading

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Our pup, Romeo, would creep downstairs in the morning just before 5 a.m. and lay on our bed, waiting for breakfast. He wasn’t allowed to sleep with us but we couldn’t prevent him from snuggling next to me while I … Continue reading

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You can lead them to water…

But can you make them think? I’m delighted speak to the folks at US Fish & Wildlife Service today (April 25, 2017) on the topic of science communication. Truth is, I’m honored to be invited. Most people’s eyes glaze over … Continue reading

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Muggles for Science

Why we need politicians who are vigilant We took to the streets Saturday (April 21, 2017) to join the March for Science. Thousands met in downtown Portland at the waterfront to hear speakers try to raise our emotions about science … Continue reading

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Pets for Supper?

Feasting on Bugs, Bunnies & Dogs Some folks dine on dog-meat. In Indonesia, raising dogs (and cats) is practical, according to a recent New York Times article. Dogs and cats “require far less space and feed resources than growing cows,” … Continue reading

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When Honor Meets Disrespect

Cultural Mores & Travel I gasped when I spotted a bloke on the river boat in Thailand. His baggy sleeveless top–sometimes called a muscle shirt–revealed a black-inked Buddha covering the whole expanse of the left side of his front torso, … Continue reading

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