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A Postcard or a Tweet?

Today I read a news story about a comedian whose death was announced by his son on Twitter. Rather than Twitter, I would like my death announced by postcard. I learned the art of postcard writing from my mum, who … Continue reading

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Put Down the Phone

Life in a Cocoon The wonderful gift of leaving the United States for a short hiatus is that you get a fresh look at what seems normal. And discover some stuff’s not so normal. For example, I left my laptop … Continue reading

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What if folks can tell when you lie?

In the era of alternative facts and post-truth, fish police the liars When some fish display their anger, their pals can tell when they’re lying. A study of Cichlids—a common freshwater fish you can find in your local pet store—showed … Continue reading

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Soho Today

Hard to find a good cuppa but urinals prevail Visiting London today–a place where I spent my teenage years listening to pop music and rummaging through old clothes at Pettycoat Lane–brings back memories that pack an English punch: the zebra … Continue reading

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