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Not Recommended for Flotation

I was recently swayed by a news story about a water bottle that keeps cold liquids cool and hot liquids warm from a company based in Oregon and bought one. Problem is the bottle has to remain upright or it … Continue reading

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Indian Thanksgiving

My family always celebrated Thanksgiving, no matter if we were in Teheran, London or Salinas, California. And while we grew up knowing we were descendents of Osage and Lakota forebears, it wasn’t until college that I came to appreciate native … Continue reading

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Just got an email from my credit card company asking me to pledge to “shop small” this holiday season. My first thought was that this is a clever way to endear people like me: you won’t catch me lining up … Continue reading

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On Being Silent

The slew of mean-spirited responses to my recent editorial got me thinking about being silenced. A book about being silenced changed the way I look at relationships. I’ve been tempted to give copies to all my girlfriends but it feels … Continue reading

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Poor Sods with a Keyboard

Journalism practices have changed dramatically since the days I worked as a reporter and today any poor sod with a keyboard can wax moronically just by pushing a button marked “send.” Bile erupted in response to an editorial I wrote … Continue reading

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Freedom of Moronic Ranting

On Monday the Oregonian placed my opinion piece on the top of the guest editorial column, complete with photos of the proposed cigarette packs, and a link to opinions online. I’m flattered the newspaper found salience in my views but … Continue reading

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Cigarette Packaging Rant

Yup, I’ve been on a rant this week over two policy rulings affecting how cigarettes are packaged because the issue brings into focus how we think about health, politics and media influence. Mulling over the federal judge’s decision early this … Continue reading

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Plain drab wrapper

This has been a stellar week for tobacco news and media effects. The week began with a story that a federal judge ruled in favor of tobacco companies who whined that placing disgusting images on cigarette packets would harm their … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Get the Memo

A few years ago, my husband (former) and I were having dinner with a couple—accomplished and sane—and I admired the woman’s ring. She said it was a 10-year anniversary present from her spouse: a diamond. I didn’t get the memo.

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Judge Rules on Cigarette Packs

A news story broke this week announcing that a judge has ruled in favor of tobacco companies who object to the FDA’s plans to require graphic labels on cigarette packs. Several companies joined in the lawsuit, arguing that the new … Continue reading

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