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Sustainability: the New Buzz Word

Today the buzz-word is sustainability. The word has caught fire in academic circles with the most recent converts a group of scientists that examines risk. The SRA folks—Society for Risk Analysis—sent an email announcing the 2012 conference will focus on, … Continue reading

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Authenticity and Identity

One of the key aspects of the political debates surrounding Kennewick Man invokes Indian authenticity, particularly in light that some (not all) anthropologists judged the 9,400-year-old skeleton as Caucasoid, a term that quickly transformed in media coverage as “Caucasian.”

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Deciphering the Real Indian

American Indians face a double whammy when it comes to authenticity: how do you know what is real? As a die-hard empiricist, I never thought I would turn to critical theorists to illuminate American Indian authenticity. But here I am.

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