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When Science is Exclusive

I did a quick double-take while researching a chapter for my book on science and culture. It’s like those visual double-take games in magazines, when they put two pictures side by side and you’re supposed to find the discrepancies from … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Heart is

Responses to my conversations about place yielded comments from friends about home being where you find your heart. When I read Native scholars like Vine Deloria Jr. I am struck by his thoughts that culture—“behavior, beliefs, values and symbols” quite … Continue reading


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Porn and the Eye of the Beholder

An information campaign raised public ire when it produced a billboard that shocked some viewers. The poster shows a woman without clothing, her breasts (all four) hooked to a pump. She’s on her hands and knees, reflecting the imagery of … Continue reading

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The Sofa Drove Home

How do we explain the inexplicable? Sometimes my honey and I think the same thoughts. It’s not creepy: in fact, it’s reassuring to share something substantive that dips below the surface. My Apache pal says there are no coincidences.

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Ass Cover

Today I’m departing from my usual banter about science. And Indians. And ways-of-knowing. My readers give me permission from time-to-time to lapse into narrative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to wax personal. Wey-wee-nah (thank you). My honey and … Continue reading

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Pack my Suitcase with Rocks

Know how sometimes you can hear something a million times but it doesn’t resonate until, one day, it connects? As an academic I’ve been studying the meaning of “place” in American Indian ways-of-knowing from a distant, theoretical perspective. Trying to … Continue reading

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Skunk Cabbage

We discovered a break in the rain this week and drove to the coast to explore the greenery and found the skunk cabbage in full regalia. You first catch a sniff of mild skunk in the wind and then see, … Continue reading

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How do Indians Reclaim Science?

A handful of scholars—many of them American Indians—have been writing about science from an indigenous perspective, offering ammunition to counter the charge that Indians are anti-science. It comes as no surprise that some American Indians distrust approaches endorsed by science. … Continue reading

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Indian Sovereignty: Worthwhile?

An illuminating article discusses Indian sovereignty and gambling at the White Mountain Apache Tribe, and defines sovereignty as equal to the entities of the federal government, individual states and tribes. The article from this week’s Economist (a British publication) does … Continue reading

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Understanding Macro-effects in Health

We had a rousing discussion about what determines health—and illness—at a gathering this week, and we talked about Indian health issues. The buzz phrase today: Social Determinants of Health. That refers to the panoply of items, issues, attributes, variables or … Continue reading

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