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When Science is Exclusive

I did a quick double-take while researching a chapter for my book on science and culture. It’s like those visual double-take games in magazines, when they put two pictures side by side and you’re supposed to find the discrepancies from … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Heart is

Responses to my conversations about place yielded comments from friends about home being where you find your heart. When I read Native scholars like Vine Deloria Jr. I am struck by his thoughts that culture—“behavior, beliefs, values and symbols” quite … Continue reading

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Porn and the Eye of the Beholder

An information campaign raised public ire when it produced a billboard that shocked some viewers. The poster shows a woman without clothing, her breasts (all four) hooked to a pump. She’s on her hands and knees, reflecting the imagery of … Continue reading

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The Sofa Drove Home

How do we explain the inexplicable? Sometimes my honey and I think the same thoughts. It’s not creepy: in fact, it’s reassuring to share something substantive that dips below the surface. My Apache pal says there are no coincidences.

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Ass Cover

Today I’m departing from my usual banter about science. And Indians. And ways-of-knowing. My readers give me permission from time-to-time to lapse into narrative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to wax personal. Wey-wee-nah (thank you). My honey and … Continue reading

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Pack my Suitcase with Rocks

Know how sometimes you can hear something a million times but it doesn’t resonate until, one day, it connects? As an academic I’ve been studying the meaning of “place” in American Indian ways-of-knowing from a distant, theoretical perspective. Trying to … Continue reading

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Skunk Cabbage

We discovered a break in the rain this week and drove to the coast to explore the greenery and found the skunk cabbage in full regalia. You first catch a sniff of mild skunk in the wind and then see, … Continue reading

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