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A Pescatarian’s Dream

I looked forward to sampling the local fish in India as we made our way farther and farther south. We landed at the southern-most tip in the lovely city of Kovalom at a resort with a pool, hot-running water and … Continue reading

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Little Theories

 Identity Politics If I could write a book on any topic I’d explore the ways that we invent our own realities. I will call the book, “Little Theories.” The reason?  When I look at headlines, talk to friends, or just … Continue reading

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Kondo as a Verb

(We discovered a spoon with the Rous insignia) No one enjoys moving, do they? I am in awe that my mother moved us—sometimes once a year—when my step-father worked overseas on construction projects with oil companies. We moved every year … Continue reading

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Honoring Ancestors

  My heritage—in addition to being a North American native–is English, French, Osage and Lakota. Turns out, I know more about my Indian ancestors than my English or French relatives. It’s not because my relatives kept good records: they didn’t. … Continue reading

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We called them “colors”

Strolling down the aisle When we were kids, our most trusted tool was the wax-crayon. We called them “colors.” We used them to draw on paper and concrete, and found them handy for playing doctor (crayons fit well in my … Continue reading

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When is a shoebox more than a shoebox?

I have a fistful of postcards in search of a letterbox. Today we’re in San Francisco, heavy with rich coffee and notes to friends, and I’m searching for a blue repository for our Bay Area greetings. Our trip last month … Continue reading

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Green or Blue?

Digging into words can be tricky And not everyone agrees with the theories about how words mean, which can drive you crazy. The most basic, common-sense idea is that people who hear messages invoke their own sense of what they … Continue reading

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