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Twisted Truths

Twisted Truths I just learned about a bill that will allow Florida schools to restrict how faculty teach American history in primary and secondary schools. The news report notes Governor Ron DeSantis says “woke ideology is an attempt to really … Continue reading

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The Oregon Stand-off: Where are the Indians?

A lesson in ideological framing When news of an armed stand-off at a wildlife refuge in Malheur County broke, I tried to wrap my brain around the event unfolding in my home state. What did the protesters want? I’m wary … Continue reading

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Creating Doubt

The Dark Side of Politics The new documentary Merchants of Doubt knocks down the lies one by one. And then the film knocks down the assumptions, one by one. But it’s hard to know what’s worse: the lies we tell … Continue reading

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Science as Politics

And Politics as Science You gotta love Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Jamieson is the doyenne of political communication. In addition to her impressive career as a public affairs and media scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, Jamieson is one of Bill … Continue reading

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When the market meets science

Got a rare disease? Step to the back of the line if you’re poor Most of us understand a thread in the tapestry of how capitalism works: when folks demand something—such as cell phones—investors jump into the fray, markets open, … Continue reading

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It’s not about science: it’s about control

Give her the shot Once again childhood vaccines are at the news forefront. Seems that one of the presidential hopefuls thinks vaccines cause autism. I viewed this week’s debate through the periscope of the internet. Here’s what I learned: Donald … Continue reading

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Is there a horn in your purse?

Is this your bag, lady? I was searching through my purse for a strip of paper to wrap around my chewed gum and found my bicycle horn buried at the bottom. Who else carries around a bike horn? When I … Continue reading

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Reduced to Zero

Sucked into a digital vortex Does it matter we’re all being sucked into a digital vortex? Do we lack nuance when we witness our world in a digital context? Think about a digital black and white photograph. Magnify the photo … Continue reading

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Can a walk change your brain?

When reporters write garbage science How do we learn about health? Science? Medicine? Risk? Most of us still learn from our schooling or from the news. Even though traditional journalism has transformed ink to pixels, newspapers and television news get … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man’s back in the news

But it’s the same old story A science writer called me with a head’s up. The Journal Nature was ready to release news that scientists would soon announce the 9200-year-old skeleton from the Pacific Northwest was indeed related to modern-day … Continue reading

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