Is there a horn in your purse?

bag lady

Is this your bag, lady?

I was searching through my purse for a strip of paper to wrap around my chewed gum and found my bicycle horn buried at the bottom.

Who else carries around a bike horn?

When I park my bike I pull off the horn because some folks like to help themselves to items that aren’t locked down.

Guess that says something about me.

I ride my bike to work, to the grocery store and post office.

I live in a metropolis where there are bike shops in every berg and where vendors create customized bike racks, shaped like eyeglasses at the optometrist and a toothbrush at the dentist.

What else does my purse say about me?

I unzipped a cloth bag and dumped the contents on the sofa. Here’s what it holds:

• Peppermint chewing gum
• Cloth hankie
• Travel toothbrush
• 2 packs of flag markers (used to mark pages in books)
• Pink lip gloss
• Red lip gloss
• Lip balm
• Dental floss
• 3 ballpoint pens
• 2 black felt-tipped pens
• Mechanical pencil
• Pink highlighter

I checked the pockets and folds in the purse and found:

• 2 tickets to an Asleep at the Wheel performance
• Some toilet paper
• sun-glass case
• A wrapped toothpick
• Key chain (house, bike and work)
• Wallet

The wallet has the usual plastic cards and identification, and I found a punch card for a coffee cart at work and one for a java spot near the house.

There’s a punch card for the self-service dog wash, business cards, a 3-cent postage stamp, and a small piece of paper with the Osage spider design.

There’s a stylus for the iphone, a Parker Jotter ballpoint pen, 3 quarters, a 20-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill.

That’s it.

That’s me.



About Cynthia Coleman Emery

Professor and researcher at Portland State University who studies science communication, particularly issues that impact American Indians. Dr. Coleman is an enrolled citizen of the Osage Nation.
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1 Response to Is there a horn in your purse?

  1. It has been too long since I last saw Asleep at the Wheel, or, most likely, cleaned out my wallet.

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