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I am grateful to be part of a cohort of academics who have been pulled together to write a new 2-volume book on American Indians and Popular Culture for a textbook that will be published this year. Yesterday the editor sent us the Table of Contents, packed with chapters on Indian identity, casinos, boarding schools, and my contribution on science and mass media.

There’s distinguished company: Ted Jojola (Isleta Pueblo) writes about architecture, Scott Manning Stevens (Mohawk) talks about museums and Robert Baird discusses film.

The publisher, Praeger Press, has an extensive history of books on American Indians and a series on popular culture: the new edition will join books on African Americans in Popular Culture, Gays and Lesbians in Popular Culture and Jews and American Popular Culture.

Here are the tables of contents:
Vol. 1—Media, Sports, and Politics

1 Portrayals of American Indians in Early Radio
Kathleen German

2 American Indians in Silent Film 1894-1929
Kathleen German

3 Writing Indian Stereotypes: The Role of the Screenplay in American Westerns
Susan Tavernetti

4 Elvis as Indian in Film and Life
Michael Snyder

5 Cries with Indians: “Going Indian” with the Ecological Indian from Rousseau
to Avatar
Robert Baird

6 American Indian Feature Filmmakers and Popular Culture
Angelica Lawson

7 “It’s a Good Day to be Indigenous”: Sherman Alexie’s Films
Richard Sax

8 Boarding and Residential School Experiences in Film
Grace Chaillier

9 Ubiquitous American Indian Stereotypes in Television
Frederick White

10 American Indians in Print Advertising since 1890
Stephanie A.L. Molholt

11 The Continuing Hunt for Willie Boy, 1909-2009
James Sandos and Larry Burgess

12 Jackpot! Marketing the American Indian Casino
Danielle Newton and Nancy Van Leuven

13 How Kennewick Man and Media Constructs Frame Indian Identity
Cynthia-Lou Coleman

14 Will Electronic Media Be the Death or Rebirth of Endangered American
Indian Languages?
John Peacock

15 Native People in American Mythology and Popular Culture
Richard M. Wheelock

16 American Indian Sports: An Historical Overview
Wade Davies

17 How Boarding School Basketball Became Indian Basketball
Wade Davies

18 American Indian Imagery in Sports and the Public Imagination
Ellen Staurowsky

19 Sacagawea: Superhero, Super Woman, Super Myth
Selene Phillips

20 Mardi Gras Indians: Spiritualism or Indian Stereotype?
Ron Welburn

21 Indians in the Military
Dean Chavers

22 The American Indian Movement in Popular Culture
Jon Reyhner

23 Seneca Resistance: Surviving the Kinzua Dam
Urszula Piasta

Vol. 2—Literature, Arts, and Resistance

1 Anticipating the Renaissance: Cogewea and Trends in Modern American
Indian Literature
John K. Donaldson

2 Leslie Marmon Silko: Mapping Radical Histories and Futures
Ami M. Regier

3 Windigo Cars and High Stakes Gambling in the Novels of Louise Erdrich
Shirley Brozzo

4 Sherman Alexie and Popular Culture: Magic in the Mix
Lara Narcisi

5 The Curious Case of Asa Carter and The Education of Little Tree
Laura Browder

6 The “Savage” Sublime in Novels by A.A. Carr and Joseph Boyden
Kathryn Shanley

7 Twilight: A Worldwide Pop Phenomenon with a Quileute Slant
Chelleye Crow

8 Alaska Native Writers and the Power of Stories
Jeane Breinig

9 MacGyvering Pop Culture: Blending Traditions in Canada
Blanca Schorcht

10 “This is the world without end”: American Indian Poetry from 1980-2010
Dean Rader

11 Writing the Rez: Popular Obsessions in the Works of Eric Gansworth
Oliver de la Paz and John Purdy

12 Art, Authenticity, and Identity at Santa Fe Indian Market
Carter Jones Meyer

13 Leap of Faith: Contemporary American Indian Art and American Visual Culture
Paul Manoguerra

14 Indigenous Architecture
Ted Jojola

15 American Indians in Post-WWII Popular Music
Michael Leonard Cox

16 Rez Riddims: Reggae Music and American Indians
David Walsh

17 Notions of Indianness and Contemporary Native Dance
Michael Greyeyes

18 Powwows
Chris Goertzen and Tammy Greer

19 Powwow Dance
Tammy Greer and Chris Goertzen

20 Adaptation as Tradition: Southwestern Indians and Pop Culture
Conrad Shumaker

21 Living in Vitrines: Museum Treatments of American Indians
Karen Coody Cooper

22 Where are the Blankets? Where is the Pottery? The Institute of American
Indian Arts Nears Fifty
James Thomas Stevens

23 The National Museum of the American Indian and the Politics of Display
Scott Manning Stevens


About Cynthia Coleman Emery

Professor and researcher at Portland State University who studies science communication, particularly issues that impact American Indians. Dr. Coleman is an enrolled citizen of the Osage Nation.
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  1. You might be interested in looking at my Web site where I recently posted some items from my American Indian stereotype collection: I am Cherokee in Tahlequah Oklahoma.


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