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Transforming Authenticity

What is authenticity? One of my Osage relatives said that when he was being instructed in dance he asked his elder over and over again if he was doing it correctly. “Is this right?” Finally the elder looked my relative … Continue reading

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Suffer the Thanksgiving Fools

Blog courtesy of Megan Tusler. Hey fellow Natives! On this most unsettling of “holidays,” a few gentle suggestions: 1. People will probably be showing up at your house today. I understand your reluctance to let them in. But this time … Continue reading

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Pie for Breakfast

When we were little my sisters and I hid under the Thanksgiving table, snatching my parents’ versions of hors d’oeuvres—canned olives, sweet pickles and stuffed celery—when we thought no one was looking. Viewed through a Native lens, we must have … Continue reading

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Through Native Eyes

I’m not crazy about occasions we invent as an excuse to sell greeting cards or buy a floral bouquet. So I don’t celebrate Grandparents Day or Arbor Day. Many such events were created as an opportunity for news coverage: I … Continue reading

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Science or Religion?

My talk this past weekend at Lincoln City gave me a chance to put my promise into action: Encourage folks to view events through a Native American lens. As part of Native American Heritage Month I was asked to talk … Continue reading

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When Seeing Squaw Means Seeing Red

We take for granted American Indian sensibilities at Thanksgiving and Columbus Day. But November—Native American Heritage Month—ushers in the invitation to see more than just these two events through Indian eyes. Try it. When you listen to the news today … Continue reading

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In Sandy’s Wake the Best Survives

I promised myself that during Native American Heritage Month I would attend to life through a native lens. And write about it every day. During the election blitz, my head got filled with visions of projects created under the Roosevelt … Continue reading

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Sequester the Evidence

No photographs or images of my ancestor Bear Robe have emerged from the Oglala, Osage or French sides of my family. With one exception. A rolled-up canvas, tucked in the rafters of the family home in St. Louis, was discovered … Continue reading

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Our Ancestors’ Tales: Rude and Fierce

For the month of November I’m writing a blog a day in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. So, in keeping with the sense of heritage, I’m sharing stories about my ancestors, including Henri Chatillon, who served as Francis Parkman’s … Continue reading

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When Indians are Forgotten

Folk singer Woody Guthrie’s memory is being honored in 2012, marking his 100th birthday. Guthrie has a Northwest connection. In 1941 the balladeer drove his Pontiac from New York to Oregon so he could write songs of praise for the … Continue reading

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