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When Murders were Never Forgotten

Writer Tommy Orange makes this observation: For people of color, or for people from marginalized communities—who have long since given up on being shocked or dismayed by the news, by what this or that administration will allow, what this or … Continue reading

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My Heart Breaks a Little

My heart breaks a little when I discover people won’t vote. The disappointment comes from learning at an early age that my Native ancestors could not vote in a general election. Although my grandmother voted in tribal elections, she said … Continue reading

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Because You’re Special

I promised that during Native American Heritage Month (November) I would look at issues through a Native lens. The purpose is to encourage me and to encourage readers to spend a moment considering how a story, a gesture or a … Continue reading

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What Will Kill You, and Who Cares?

Who Benefits?  Cui Bono? That’s the question posed by writer John Gresham’s lawyer-character when confronted with a mystery she can’t solve. She asks: Who benefits? That’s a key question I ask students in my Propaganda class to ponder when they … Continue reading

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November Welcomes Native American Heritage Month

But Can We Really Celebrate? Native American Heritage Month has been officially celebrated—at least as an idea–for nearly 30 years. The first official announcement occurred when President George Herbert Walker Bush declared November as National Native American Heritage Month in … Continue reading

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Halloween and Native American Costumes

American Indians are a diverse and heterogeneous lot. But one thing many of us agree about is our traditional regalia. Native regalia aren’t costumes. Every year as Halloween approaches, I remind folks that wearing war-paint and chicken feathers is insensitive. … Continue reading

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