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Lipstick on a pig? A toad?  (My last blog, Stuck on the Tar Baby, takes a look at what it means in the worlds of journalism and public-relations to frame $2 billion in “free” press coverage in today’s presidential campaign. … Continue reading

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    Stuck on the Tar Baby (Today’s blog is the first of three that looks at the presidential election from a perspective that shares evidence from researchers who study mass media. But first, I must have my morning tea) … Continue reading

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Ginsburg’s got guts

Just finished reading a wrap-up of news in a magazine that offers a passel of newsworthy stories in tightly written packages from many corners. You get to hear folks ranging from CBS anchors to Slate pundits nattering about events following … Continue reading

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Native science & rhetoric

An elder once told me, “Traditional knowledge is thousands of years of applied science.” Those words came from one of the speakers at the Indigenous Environments conference I was fortunate to attend this week in Norwich, England. She points out … Continue reading

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Did you spend part of your Sunday thinking about the shootings in Orlando? I’ll bet folks who attend church services heard about grief and pain. Our Buddhist friends here in Portland addressed the murders head-on. What would be a thoughtful … Continue reading

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Guns? Follow the money

It’s disheartening to see media coverage of politicos punching each other verbally while using human slaughter as fodder for their own gain. This week a group of reporters spoke with John McCain in the hallway of the Senate building, where … Continue reading

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When the Invisible becomes Visible

We found visible the invisible on our recent trip to Chicago. An exhibit of forgotten black-and-white images by photojournalist Gordon Parks is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago through August. Parks is famous for his shots of Black … Continue reading

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