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A Pescatarian’s Dream

I looked forward to sampling the local fish in India as we made our way farther and farther south. We landed at the southern-most tip in the lovely city of Kovalom at a resort with a pool, hot-running water and … Continue reading

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Travelling the World?

Here’s an idea: Pack for one week What’s amazing is that even after five decades of trekking the globe, I’m still learning how to be a competent traveler. My first solo trip was as an eight-year-old. My parents loaded me … Continue reading

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It’s all in the sign

Felicitous new year The signage in South India is fascinating. Restaurants have “homely” food and you can get a haircut in a “saloon.” Our haircuts and our hair coloring make us stand out like a beam in a lighthouse. No … Continue reading

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Spending Christmas with the Monkeys

Cows have the right of way As we wind through the narrow roads in northern India, we occasionally see a cow alongside the car. Cows have the right of way in India. I wouldn’t be surprised if cows in other … Continue reading

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What will your Obituary Say about You?

And what will others think? Today’s news is full of memories of the 41st president of the United States: George Herbert Walker Bush. I listened to the entire broadcast of NPR’s live coverage of his funeral because of happenstance: I … Continue reading

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Me, First

Does the Collective Matter? When? When you research “ways of knowing” among cultures, you find solid evidence that communities are important. Primitive is the new modern, as we come to realize that it takes many hands to steer a child … Continue reading

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Can I Afford to be Moral?

Books by Native American Authors The delightful feature of attending Portland’s annual literary fair—held this month–was discovering the works of American Indian writers. I was transfixed, hearing Layli Long Soldier, Tommy Orange, Trevino Brings Plenty, and a host of American … Continue reading

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