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High gloss won’t restore the sheen on the warty toad

POLITICAL NEWS: Part 3 (Earlier this week I wrote that the comb-over candidate’s spinmeisters are redoubling their efforts to curb the candidate’s runaway tongue by having him stick to a carefully scripted playbook. Today’s New York Times confirms the prediction. … Continue reading

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Lipstick on a pig? A toad?  (My last blog, Stuck on the Tar Baby, takes a look at what it means in the worlds of journalism and public-relations to frame $2 billion in “free” press coverage in today’s presidential campaign. … Continue reading

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The Magician’s sleight of hand

Media Politics  Are you perplexed by political media coverage? I am–and I’m supposed to be an expert. In the 1970s I fell in love with writing, journalism and politics–thunderstruck by the power of the press after seeing images of gunned-down … Continue reading

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