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Kennewick Man Bones Finally Return

I was honored to join three tribal leaders who shared their insights and stories on today’s (2 February 2017) broadcast about the Ancient One–Kennewick Man. The skeleton was discovered more than 20 years ago along the Columbia River, and local … Continue reading

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How to be authentic

National American Heritage Month   November comes on the heels of several events that focus attention on North American Indians. That’s good news. And bad news. The good news is that the spotlight reminds us that critical, life-changing events impact … Continue reading

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Every Month is Native American Heritage Month

Some critics rail against ersatz holidays. Grandparents’ Day. Valentine’s Day. Labor Day. They argue we should recognize grandparents, lovers and laborers every day. Native American Heritage Month produces cognitive dissonance: it’s great to focus attention on American Indians, but the … Continue reading

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